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Grant proposals are an important part of fundraising for nonprofits and other organizations. They can be difficult to write, so it can be helpful to look at examples of successful grant proposals to get a better idea of what makes one stand out from the competition. Writing grant proposals is a critical skill for non-profits to possess in order to succeed. The problem is that the work can be akin to technical writing for some and if you’re new to the process, having a few examples of winning grant proposals can help you understand what Grantors are looking for.

But where do you find these examples?

In this blog post, we will cover the best resources that can help you find quality examples of grant proposals. We’ll provide examples of some grant applications we liked plus an overview of where you can find examples of grant proposals that will help you as you write yours.

Grant Proposal Examples

If you’re pressed for time and just want to see some examples of good grants - here’s a few good examples to get you started:

Online Resources

There are many websites and online databases dedicated to providing non-profit organizations with information on grants and funding opportunities. Many of these sites offer sample grant proposals as well, which can serve as helpful guides when writing your own proposal. A few good sources for finding quality examples include Candid Learning, GrantStation, and National Council of Nonprofits. All three sites provide detailed information on how to apply for grants and/or often feature sample proposals from successful applicants.

Candid Learning (GrantSpace)

Formerly known as GrantSpace, Candid Learning is another great resource for examples of successful grant proposals. The information available on Candid is designed to help grant writers at every stage and every level of the grant writing process. From researching grant opportunities to communicating your purpose, the resources offered on candid.org provide exactly what grant writers need to succeed. You can explore examples of successful grant proposals, get inspired with innovative ideas, and discover how to create a successful grant before submitting your application. With an array of comprehensive information and helpful advice, Candid has everything you need to become a great grant writer.


Grantstation.com is a great resource for those looking to research grant opportunities and learn Nonprofit Grant Writing 101. Whether your specialty is federal or foundation grants, grantstation has plenty to offer. The site contains an array of resources such as grant programs databases, active grantmaker directories, grantseeking guidance documents and examples of successful grant proposals. The downside however is that some of these services are only accessible with a paid membership.

Of particular value is the plethora of real-world grant examples found on grantstation.com which are an invaluable part in honing grant writing skills and familiarizing yourself with the expectations of potential funders. Making use of these resources can help to increase your chances of securing funding for projects you care about!

Council of Nonprofits

Councilofnonprofits.org is a nonprofit leader in identifying and providing grant resources for nonprofit organizations. The website offers an array of information ranging from up-to-date news on current grants, useful guides on submitting effective grant proposals, and links to foundations seeking nonprofit partnerships. It’s a helpful resource for nonprofit organizations looking to expand their knowledge base and gain valuable insight.

The website offers a variety of information, from in-depth guides on nonprofit governance, fund development and advocacy to tips for writing successful grants and preparing proposals. Additionally, the site provides an array of tools that allow nonprofit members to search articles, join discussion boards and access other members’ resources. This resource is invaluable to nonprofit organizations striving to increase their impact and make meaningful progress in their respective fields.

Whether you’re searching for national or regional funding, general nonprofit organizational support, or grant awards specific to your nonprofit organization, Councilofnonprofits.org can assist with the search process by connecting you with the right grant research tools. It is a great resource for nonprofits needing help finding grants and developing proposals that meet grant requirements and have a greater chance of success.

Government Websites

Government grants are responsible for funding the mission of a lot of nonprofits. So it should be no surprise that another great place to look for examples of grant proposals are government websites.The U.S federal government posts information about grants and provides links to downloadable sample applications on its website at grants.gov.


Grants.gov is a useful resource for individuals and organizations alike who are seeking federal funding for projects or initiatives that improve public services or advance research in areas of interest to the government. A common first stop for new and experienced grant writers to find information from 26 different federal agencies.

State and Local Agencies

As you probably already know (or are soon to learn), getting a grant can be competitive. Making sure your nonprofit has the information to secure funding for your initiatives can be a challenge. Fortunately, many state governments provide helpful websites that list available grants and outline the steps to take in order to submit a proposal. This can be a good way to think outside the box for places to look for grants.

These websites will often include links to application forms as well as guides that explain the eligibility requirements for each grant. Additionally, some sites even provide resources on topics such as nonprofit accounting and nonprofit management, so nonprofit members can get the help they need to apply for the grants with confidence.

Finding this kind of information on state government websites can be invaluable to nonprofit efforts and help streamline fundraising. Many government agencies post sample grant applications online as a resource for organizations looking for funding. You may also be able to find sample applications on state government websites or local city sites, depending on where your organization is located and what type of funding you are applying for.

Grant Writing Software and Services

If your organization has the budget, there are software programs and services available that specialize in helping non-profits write successful grant applications by providing templates and example grants written by experts in the field. These can provide valuable guidance during the application process, especially if your team is new to writing grants or needs help meeting deadlines.

In this day and age, we’re seeing more and more people utilizing cutting edge AI tools to generate custom examples as well. Our grant writing AI can help you write project abstracts faster, for example.

Libraries and Bookstores

Your local library or bookstore is another great resource for finding example grant proposals. Libraries often have vast collections of books on fundraising and grantsmanship that provide in-depth information about the process of writing a proposal. These books typically include real-world examples from successful applications, which can give you an invaluable insight into what works in a proposal and what doesn’t. If your library does not have the book you need, they may be able to order it through interlibrary loan systems or borrow it from another library in the area.

Here are some popular books on Grant Writing:

How to Become a Grant Writing Unicorn

Grant Writing For Dummies

Mentorships, Courses and Networking Events

Finally, attending courses, programs or networking events related to fundraising or grantsmanship is also a great way to see example grant proposals while learning firsthand. Many organizations host events like these where experienced grant writers will share their knowledge with newcomers in the field—including advice on how to write successful grant applications as well as sample documents and case studies they’ve used in their own work over the years. It’s a great opportunity to meet people who may be able to help you get started with your project or connect you with resources that could be useful in applying for grants down the line.

With so many resources available, it’s easy to find examples of grant proposals that will help guide your own application process.

Writing a successful grant proposal takes time, effort, and research—but having access to quality examples can make all the difference when it comes time to submit your application. Whether you’re looking online or offline, there are plenty of resources that can help you find inspiring samples of winning grant proposals that can give your own proposal a boost before submitting it for consideration.

From search engines like Google and Bing, government websites, forums, bookstores, software programs, and services like GrantBoost – there’s something out there for everyone looking for examples that will make their job easier.

With the right approach and dedication, you’ll have no trouble finding excellent sources that demonstrate why certain applications succeed while others fail—and hopefully yours will be among the successul! So don’t hesitate – start researching today! Good luck.

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